Wilstar is passionate about early-stage social entrepreneurs who seek to create a better world. We therefore offer expertise, networking opportunities as well as other capacity building assistance to driven social entrepreneurs who we feel can create lasting and sustainable social change in new and innovative ways.

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Ezinne Athletics (EA) is a unique sports programme for all fitness-loving girls aged 10-16 years. According to a report, which was submitted to the Norwegian Ministry of Culture (2014), it was concluded that there is a worryingly low proportion of minority girls in organized sports in Norway. EA is specially designed for girls from multicultural backgrounds and strives to develop the girls to the level they want to reach in athletics. For some, the motivation is the training itself, for others it is the desire to become a top athlete. EA covers both needs. EA considers it important to include the parents' voices and perspectives, as well as making events specifically aimed at mothers and daughters. This helps to ´defuse´ sport for minority girls. EA wants to encourage and nurture girls' potential and believes that economy, experience, gender and religion should not be barriers to participation or inclusion in sports. More role models with minority backgrounds in sport are needed, especially girls, EA will help create these. Positive role models can aid in attracting and recruiting even more girls from minority backgrounds and getting them into sports. Behind Ezinne Athletics (EA) is Ezinne Okparaebo. Ezinne is a Norwegian is a track and field sprint athlete and is Norway's fastest woman to date. EA is inspired by Ezinne's story and the journey towards becoming Norway's fastest woman. As a girl with a multi-cultural background, and a long commute to training facilities, she experienced several challenges in pursuit of her goals. As a result, Ezinne wants to help other girls overcome these challenges, so that they can reach their full potential, in a safe environment. EA also has a vision of working globally for gender equality and ensuring women and girls´ rights.

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